Check out the fake Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home Trailer starring Danny McBride! Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. The fact that people think this is real is Hilarious. Fair play to them though, it's a clever ad campaign for Australia.

  2. This Movie isn't real, these trailers are fake promotion for a new (Cool concept) Australian ad. It's the new campaign for traveling to Australia, airing during the superbowl next week. These fake trailers are to create fake hype.

    Upvote so everyone knows it's fake lads.

  3. If this trailer proves one thing, it is that Australia has contributed some amazing talent, not to mention some great looking people, to the American movie industry.

  4. Okay, now I want this to be real just so I can enjoy every Australian actor in Hollywood chewing scenery all at once in their native accents!

    • There's a ton of stuff that became a reality that wasn't to be taken seriously at first. Trump actually becoming president, or Will and Grace coming back to tv. So don't be surprised when this actually becomes a thing.

  5. looks like a crap comedy when it should be a serous action movie put strong macho man in his place say make hugh jackman son of dundee as hes spot on for it not some dumb fat ass comedian dont get me wrong i like danny mcbride but a movie such as this dosent suit being a comedy. maybe a few puns like thats not knife this a knife but a pure comedy well your butchering the franchise.

  6. Should have had Mel Gibson in it. Perhaps a bit of a Mad Max tease if he met him in the outback. Just to show the world he could still play that role and Tom was just an imitation.

  7. It’s funny how when people thought this was a real movie, they were shitting on it, and now that they know it’s fake, people want it to be real.

  8. That moment when you see three people in this movie you admire such as Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth and Russel Crowe almost making you want to see it.

  9. The one time I thought the concept was stupid, then saw the “trailers” to find that it’s something right up my alley, only to find out it’s fake. Damn…

  10. Bunch of Aussies getting together and taking the piss, always comedy gold.
    Also really like Russell Crowe being Aussie Citizen Kane.

  11. can someone clear this up, is this an actual movie, like theartres, so forth or is it some fake thing that all the aussie actors did together.

  12. They keep saying it's fake but why does it seem like it's legit. But it's still hilarious that they get literally every Aussie to star…

  13. Wow great cast! Danny McBride is hilarious af 😂 Wish this was an actual movie coming out! It would be amazing 🙌🏻

  14. Wow. I'm sorry but this really upsets me. I know I haven't seen the movie yet so it may be ok, but this trailer clearly is making a joke of Australia and showing that to the rest of the world. I know they are just trying to do the same thing they did with Jumanji, that came out this year, actually the exact same thing. But one of the things that the original Crocodile Dundee did was show some of the beautiful of the Australian outback and it's culture. What I got from this trailer, was stereotype on top of stereotype with some really good actors enforcing those stereotypes. Again I haven't seen the movie yet, so I might just be sounding like an idiot or reading too much into this movie, but come on. You could add some class in it.

    • Ok let me straighten you up a bit. Lovely sentiments and I see we're your coming at but this is a fake trailer made as an ad for Australia during the Super Bowl. Also us Aussie love to have a lark at almost everything. We find it funny what the world actually thinks we look like, partly cause it's half true. This is just a funny ad having a crack at everything Australian and what people think is Australian.

    • Cait Patterson Gotcha. It's just, my grandmother was born and raised and with the kind of woman she was, she would have been upset about this. Thank you though. A part of it is just frustration regarding the quality of films these days.

  15. Aww 2 of the Hemsworth brothers finally get to be in a movie together lol! H
    That's adorable! Now they just need brother #3 lol ^_^

  16. So Dundee's kid became a joke, Wally's kid became Thor, and Donk's kid is a hot piece of ass. Sure why not, what else is the exact opposite of those movies… maybe have crocs that are vegan?

  17. people saying this trailer is fake its not the full cast on here And ya paul only gets a cemo because he not in tralier , And its people fault that paul last flim didnt sale at all then we wouldnt got this shit .aslo when i look on imb database its 3 min movie so could be a short or a full movie that going straight to dvd or something.

  18. To anybody who wants this to be a real thing, they showed his kid in the LA movie and the kid was more capable than this guy. So if they did make it I would not be able to enjoy it because it makes no sense.

  19. I refuse to believe this is fake. Too many good actors in here for it to just be a commercial for Australia. I think they're doing this "It's fake" stuff to get more attention to it. Which can lead to a snowball effect (Which is what has happened). I don't want it to be fake. This has happened before. With the Deadpool movie, where the test footage was "leaked" and everyone exclaimed it was fake. But was actually very close to the movies opening scene. And something similar also happened with the 2016 Blair Witch. Where it was advertised as "The Woods" up until comic-con. Which gave everyone a suprise. The supposed director Steve Rogers, wrote the screenplay for "I, Tonya" which got a very positive reaction from critics and audiences. So maybe when the executives saw the script, they gave him a pass which got him noticed by other film studios.

    OR I have another theory. That they released this footage to see if people would actually want a Dundee reboot. And by how everyone has shit their pants over it. I'd assume that they wouldn't be against making one.

    EDIT: To everyone screaming IT'S FAKE there's been no official confirmation from anyone involved with this project stating that if it's fake or not.

  20. This movie still needs:
    Nicole Kidman
    Ben Mendelsohn
    Geoffrey Rush
    Naomi Watts
    Jackie Weaver
    Rose Byrne
    Eric Bana
    Cate Blanchett

    Fair dinkum

  21. This was one of the worst things I have ever seen on Youtube, and I don't even know what it was. Was it a real trailer for a real movie or not? Idk. I sure hope this wasn't the real deal. Crocodile Dundee deserves so much better than this.

  22. If this weren’t a fake movie trailer the son would be American anyway, cause Mick Dundee married the American journalist in the previous films.

  23. Finally! An all Aussie film with Aussue actors and actresses.
    + is this the 1st time the Hemsworth brothers are in a movie together?

  24. Here we see Wolverine and Thor messing around with Harley Quinn and Superman father, Thanos really messed things up with the reality stone

  25. If they made this with McBride as the sidekick and Chris as the lead with all the other actors this movie would make millions upon millions and double the tourism in australia

  26. I think this is great if it is a real movie.. but I think this kind of cast cost a fortune and may not get enough revenue to cover the cost so….. uhhh at least some rich guys are like " yea, I got too much money to spend why not just throw some on this movie blah blah"


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