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Check out the official I Feel Pretty trailer starring Amy Schumer! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: June 29, 2018
Starring: Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski
Directed By: Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein
Synopsis: A head injury causes a woman to develop an extraordinary amount of confidence and believes she’s drop-dead gorgeous.

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  1. 0:24
    Yes! Body shaming happens only to bigger women; anyone else's insecurities are unreasonable and of less importance.

    It is completely unacceptable for women who are not plus-sized to feel insecure about their bodies/weight. Dismiss them and invalidate their feelings! Remind them that their issues are trivial compared to yours, even if you meet conventional beauty standards!

    • I'd go out on a limb and say that skinny girls with flat chests and no ass feel just as/if not more insecure than the bigger girls these days. Furthermore, what about men feeling insecure? I was a scrawny, awkward kid in my teen years and I was extremely insecure, even seriously depressed at times. I would of taken a fat girl, a skinny girl, any girl I could get.

  2. Google "2011 Amy Schumer". She wasn't always the obnoxious blob she is today. What the fuck happened? I'm placing my bets on feminism.

  3. I mean regardless of castin (amy Schumer is shit anyway) the film has no goal, no motive, no point to it so it's gonna be shit anyway. Amy Schumer just topped off the shit show

  4. THIS is pretty much how the fat or unattractive women feel in the USA! It is so bad with women, that I know women in their late 40s-65 who are STILL claiming to be a great catch and that Mister Right needs to come marry them and put that glass slipper on those calloused and corned feet! I think I will invest in junk/comfort foods, batteries that vibrators use, cat food, cat toys, and anti depressants.

  5. I feel like this movie explains her comedy career she hit her head and woke up and was like omg I'm funny! and everyone was like just sitting there awkwardly not saying anything looking confused exactly like in this movie.

  6. I've seen a lot of criticisms of this movie's premise stating that because Amy Schumer is white, blonde, and "thin," she wouldn't be the best representative for body positivity because she adheres to conventional beauty standards. But as a black, non-blonde woman of average weight, I'm still not sure Amy Schumer is representative of conventional beauty standards, at least not those of Hollywood. Yes, she's white and blonde, but in appearance, she is fairly representative of the average woman you might see on the street somewhere. I don't think she's very "thin," I think she's of an average or above-average weight, and definitely above-average by Hollywood standards. I would get the complaint if it were Jennifer Lawrence or Mila Kunis or something. But I don't really get it when it's about Amy Schumer. Yes, I think this would have been more interesting and more encouraging of body positivity and challenging of our concepts of beauty if it were an even more overweight woman of color, but I think people might miss the point and think the joke is "Oh she's fat and thinks she's pretty. That's hilarious". Though, I suppose that can happen with any iteration of a movie about body positivity. Mo'nique had a movie kinda like this called "Phat Girlz", where she was extremely sought after by an attractive African man, who preferred her full-figured physique to that of her skinny friends, to their confusion and dismay. But again, it played out more like a joke about diverting expectations than it did as having a positive message.

  7. No doubt she’s gonna say it’s “online sexist trolls” that are responsible for the mass criticism of the film, and not the fact that it just looks like complete shit

  8. This is going to come off bad, but this movie would’ve made a lot more sense with Melissa McCarthy or Rosie O’Donnell. There’s straight up pornstars who look worse than Amy in this film. Now, as to denying the rumors that Amy is actually a character played by me in i’m more elaborate stunt than anything Sacha Baron Cohen of Andy Kaufman could pull off…

  9. BREAKING NEWS; February 2018; Feminist activist Amy Schumer demands that the YouTube “Dislike” function be removed! She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s not funny!

  10. Sorry Amy, you're just not as attractive as some women. The same way some men are uglier than other men.

    Like your own movie says, it's all about confidence.

  11. great this fat, joke stealing, unfunny, feminist is back to make another shitty movie that will just appeal to other feminists and be super controversial and when everyone thinks it’s terrible she’ll complain that it’s all the alt right

  12. I don't hate her cause she's fat. I hate her because she's not funny. I know she's supposed to be a comedian but I don't get it. To each their own I guess.

  13. Why are people comparing this movie to Shallow Hal? That movie was about seeing inner beauty as outer beauty and had a pretty nice message in the end, this movie is trashy as fuck and is about how only if you hit your head can you accept yourself as beautiful if you have a little extra fat on you or aren't a chiseled contour, big lips Kim K lookalike!!! She's not even ugly or fat to begin with. She is your average blonde reasonably attractive white woman. I don't understand the concept of this film, it's most definitely not about body positivity that's for sure if the only way you can be confidence in your appearance is to hit your head.

  14. Did we not learn anything from her Netflix special? People do not find her funny or attractive, so why continue to cast her in leading roles? She's Melissa McCarthy 2.0

  15. Check out the official I Feel Pretty trailer starring Amy Schumer! Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  16. This doesn't look that bad, it doesn't really seem to be about 'fat acceptance' so much as it's about how the way you look at yourself affects the way others look at you. And the non-Amy Schumer characters all seem confused at her confidence, so along with Amy Schumer not being all that fat (like she's a bit bigger but not like morbidly obese or anything) so it doesn't really seem like it's a bad message?

  17. To those who are confused about the hate: the hate here is more towards Amy than what the movie is about.
    Also if you don't know why this horrible woman is hated by so many men and women all you need to do is read most comments on here.

  18. It would be one thing if this woman who was under the impression that she was unattractive suddenly decided to use what she had to show off an unnoticed, unconventional attractiveness (a la Ivy Doomkitty, who once believed that she did NOT have the body type for cosplaying), but… this movie's entire joke is that she DOESN'T KNOW she's simply unattractive. The movie wants us to laugh at her because she's fat. That's not cool, Schumer.

    Stay away from Barbie.

  19. anyone with the last name shumer, just leave America, you're unfunny, you're so ignorant you forgot that you live in America where pigs don't tell jokes, they usually run for congress, where they're still not funny

  20. She's a nasty selfish person.

    Stealing jokes for years. YEARS. No shame at all. Sorry, can't steal jokes and get paid millions. Not cool.

  21. If we're being honest here, why is it Amy Schumer in this role? I mean, whomever the actress it's going to be a pretty shit movie, but if you're trying to promote the whole body positivity agenda shit, wouldn't you get someone like Rebel Wilson or Melissa McCarthey? As much as Amy Schumer is the devil spawn, and as much as people like to joke about her being large, she's really not all that large, especially in some portions of this trailer. This just stinks of virtue signalling from Amy. It's basically somewhat close to "I'm 15% Native American, I have opression points."

  22. Bizarre concept for a movie. Amy Schumer is not a monstrous hag, no matter how many jaded mid 20s white dudes act like she's the worst person to ever exist. She's just average. The idea that she would be so obsessed with being so beautiful and then just…hits her head…it's like, what? What is the point of the movie? You can like yourself if you just…lie?

    • darkphoenix2 Every one who wants to be pretty want the feeling that being pretty gives. If you want a new car, you essentially want the great feeling that riding the car gives, but can you feel great before driving it? Yes you absolutely can! Can you allow yourself to feel pretty without seeing ur face as pretty? Yes you can! ^_^ I think it's about that.

  23. What am I missing? Why all the Amy hate? She’s adorable and her book is the sh*t. Yeah we all get the shallow Hal references but jeez people.

  24. Hey when are gonna make an SJW Marxist movie about guys who aren't tall? I'm 5' 6", pretty alright looking and intelligent but most women online want us 6 feet tall. Gonna make a movie about that freaking double standard??

  25. Hold on a minute why the fuck are the comments funnier than the trailer wtf I’m actually dying here from these comments😂😂😂😂😂

  26. glad to know the only way ill find myself attractive and have confidence is when I get brain damage.

    I guess I already have unknown brain damage hmmm funny isnt it

  27. This movie looks shitty but I bet it's going to make a lot of money bc people are going to want to see it bc of how bad it is. Don't buy a ticket if u hate this movie….maybe watch it online somehow….

  28. How does this unfunny pig still have a career? She consistently gets terrible reviews with everything she leaves her slug slime vagina stains all over. It's not an alt right conspiracy that Blammy Tumor isn't funny.

  29. with all the money and time she has, she could, I don't know, spend 30 min a day working out…….and maybe put down the ice cream…..just a thought.

  30. Shes not attractive but she seriously needs to stop with the "im so fat" joke, she aint nice to look at but shes hardly fat.

  31. Here's a thought how about you live healthy and actually care about your appearance. I know there are somethings you cant change but as for how you feel well exercising and eating heathy while taking care of your self you know shaving, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, etc., etc. can help you feel better about yourself not this shit which self denial and false confidence.

  32. 32K dislikes how? This is such a positive msg for women & girls even boys who are not confident in their bodies or who have eating disorders but in a Movie where you can still have a laugh but see the msg & feel better after seeing it ♥️👏🏾

  33. Amy Schumer was hilarious in Trainwreck! But after that Netflix special and Snatched…she’s slowly becoming the female Adam Sandler.

  34. This would be funnier if they started to CGI her as a thin super model once she suffered head trauma. I'm curious to see what a human woman version of Amy Schumer looks like. But the cost for CGI would double the budget.

  35. This movie isn't out, and I have no intention of seeing it. But after watching this trailer I still somehow feel like I want my money back

  36. Keep coming back to check the dislike ratio cuz it's hilarious and I've noticed they've taken my vote done every time I check. YouTube is making it so the free market doesn't have a say. With that being said it's being forced on us when we clearly don't want it. Bring back Last Man Standing.

    • David K….censorship. government programing. And it doesnt help that we lost net neutrality. Only gonna get worse from here. Youtube used to be a public park. Now its private property. P.s im curious to see how they handle that ratio though.

    • Infernal Majesty, net neutrality has absolutely nothing to do with it. Lmmfao, you are seriously misinformed. YouTube is owned by Google. That is all you need to know in order to see why YouTube is the way it is. Net neutrality was only around for 2 years, and it didn't change anything. In fact, it held back innovation. Now that net neutrality is gone, I can upgrade to fiber optics. While net neutrality existed, I couldn't afford it, and my provider didn't have the money to offer it. So please try again. At least learn what something is before you talk shit. 🍵🐸💯

    • 🛇 Liberal YouTube employees have been deleting comments for this video. Take a screenshot of your comment because it will be gone pretty soon. They don't want negative top comments for this movie. instead they like to trend Trump bashing videos alll day. 🛇

  37. I def dont think she is funny but the actual plot of this movie is messed up. She isnt that large at all and the fact that she is seen as ugly the whole time speaks volume of what she and the creators think of women larger than her. I think the sad thing on these comments though is that people are body shaming her just because they don't think shes funny. Its mean and uncalled for.

  38. Amy Schumer must be in "hog-heaven!" Most Hollywood wannabes have to lose weight for a role! Crude and unfunny as she usually is her physical size is nothing compared to her over-sized ego.

  39. I don't like Amy Schumer. As a human being. Not because she's a feminist or a comedian but because she just.. creeps me out. Anyways, I'm never watching this movie, and saying so is going to be worth YT suddenly deciding I LOVE Amy for a few days. But I can't stand Amy Schumer. Didn't she flop on Netflix not long ago? WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP GIVING HER MONEY?

    • I don't 100% agree with your evaluation, but I'll say that in her case at least it seems to be true. I don't want to play career tag evaluating men vs women or women vs women. Examples could be found to illustrate whatever point we want for that blanket statement. Fact is, for at least this particular woman, you are correct.

  40. how did amy get so fat? Did she spend all her time eating and not writing jokes. Cuase she used to be really hot and really funmy

  41. Uma Thurman talks about how she almost died in a car wreck and she had to let Harvey Weinstein ejaculate in her hair on the set of Kill Bill, but at least a quality film came out of that. These feminist pictures blow.

  42. I clicked on this video for one reason, to read the comments. Also if you can find a positive comment, you get a cookie.

  43. Next time, maybe cast a 250 lb woman instead of a woman who probably only weighs 160 lbs. Then this premise might actually make sense.

    • noah pike, It's basically a movie about Amy Schumer. The plot of the movie is that you need brain damage to find her attractive 😂

  44. All women do is moan about how society expects them to be pretty.
    1) it’s mostly women that judge each other.
    2) don’t you think men go through the exact same thing.

    I wonder if anyone is gonna get triggered.

    • Bill Gibbo women complain about how men should love the way they look while wanting the perfect muscled man and ignore every other guy out there.

    • Brutal Plays Games exactly they’re all hypocrites, do they not think that fat guys look at muscly men the same way fat girls look at skinny girls.

  45. When is Hollywood going to figure out that this woman is not pretty and most people do not like her. This movie will not perform well. That like-dislike ration is horrible.

  46. This warms my heart, Humans from all walks of life can come together in agreement, we come together to hate Amy Schumer, that’s such a beautiful thing.

  47. A shame it took a traumatic brain injury for her to learn to love herself and not give a f*** what the rest of the world thinks.

  48. I don't know what's bigger… Amy Schumer's ego, the directors and producers mistake of creating this movie and putting her of all people in it, or Amy Schumer's fat obnoxious mouth.

  49. Schemer is absolute proof that there is rampant nepotism in Hollywood. The vast majority hate her but still she is forced upon us.

    • Theeternalblacksun That's so Hollywood and trending. No we don't want Amy Schumer! Well your gonna get her and like it! Get over here! 😢😢😢 MeToo 😢😢😢

  50. I totally agree with the message on the trailer, it is mostly about the confidence, yes some other factors come into play but confidence continues to open doors. Men especially do this often in life, we don't know or care about what the negative aspects. We care and promote what is right about us and build on it.

    • HOE OF BABYLON! Yeah, she dropped her married name after she divorced and remarried some Jewish insider that forced himself inside her

  51. OMG !! Look at the dislike to like count ! How is she still getting movies? You could put the worse struggling actress as the star of this film and you would get more likes 😂😂

  52. I hate Amy Schumer so much, not funny, not talented, just a waste of time. This movie is gonna be worse than jack and Jill.

  53. Okay I don’t know if you people realize this but because of you all literally going out of your way to dislike this video, it’s been on the trending page since it’s release…four days ago. So you’re literally just giving her more publicity…good job guys, you’re real good at this whole hating on someone thing.

  54. I thought this movie looked pretty funny but then I saw it had 33k dislikes and only 9k likes. Why do so many people dislike Amy Schumer? I've never heard of her…

  55. "like omg why does no one like fat ugly women?"
    Um, probably because they are fat, ugly and try to cover up their insecurity with unbelievably annoying personalities and blatant HAES propaganda like this movie.

  56. "Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind? Sound familiar? Wonder where they derived that idea from. Now comes the 'conspiracy' label. Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. The end won't be for everyone. That choice, to know, will be yours." Q

  57. Wow bullying is real. And we teach our kids to be kind to one another..yet grown ass adults getting online talking all that junk. Calling her a whale? Really? She isnt even near 200 pounds. Not liking her is one thing, but giving thumbs down (before actually watching the trailer), and calling such horrible names is whole new level of low. And then when it gets out that someone is suicidal because they feel WORTHLESS..everyone all "concerned". The same ones doing all the harm.
    Y'all pathetic.

  58. The fact that Amy Schumers movies have not made a real profit, yet she keeps getting greenlit tells you this bitch is simply well connected. Shes a Jewish princess and her uncle is a Senator. No other reason why Jewish Hollywood is trying so hard to make her happen.. shes not going to happen, shes damaged goods. All this while someone like Monique, whos moves have actually made a profit has been black listed in Hollywood. No amount of power and money can make this hideous pig likable or funny. Let it go, Hollywood, let it go

  59. I think all the haters should shut up and get a life u pathetic idiots! !!this movie is gonna be amazing and Amy is so pretty and funny!

  60. Really disappointed by these dislikes. I'm no Amy Schumer fan, Trainwreck was probably the worst movie made in this decade so far, but this looks OK honestly. I mean, I loved Shallow Hal so… People just hate her as a person so they judge her artistically without any hint of objectivity which is kinda sad. I could be wrong, this movie could be just as bad as Trainwreck, but it has a cool premise at least.

  61. I normally dont like amy Schumer but this actually looks really funny. I also like the message behind it. That you dont have to be skinny and attractive to feel pretty and succeed in life. Yoy can just feel confident in your own skin.

    • "Her" stuff is just a bunch of stolen lines and jokes from other comedians, and this movie is also basically a rip-off. Good job endorsing a rapist, though.

  62. It blows my mind how projects like this even get approval. There has to be a team of people involved in making this and not one of them thought this was a bad idea?

  63. Anyone. You could have picked anyone else and this probably would've been ten times funnier but you had to have her. Rebel would've been fantastic for this role, you had one job

  64. Am I the only one who actually kind of likes this movie. It doesn't look spectacular, but it looks like there'll be a chuckle or two.

  65. Seriously Amy Schumer, is being fat and ugly the only thing that you can make a joke out of? We get it: you’re fat and ugly.

    Now please actually try and create original jokes that are funny.

    Also, there better be nudes of Emily Ratajkowski in this movie. Still not gonna see it, but will be looking forward to it on pornhub.

  66. They could of chosen any women comedian and they chose her? I wouldn’t even class her as a comedian as she is just not funny in the slightest

  67. This is a real question I have. Why do all of y’all dislike Amy Schumer? did she say something? do something? like I don’t get it if u don’t think she is funny that’s fine but I think she is a really cool person and the message of the movie is really great so what’s the problem ??

  68. I'd rather watch a documentary film about how she takes credit for jokes that hard working, talented comedians spend time and effort on

  69. There are times when I think we just can't get long, between the political climate, pollution, immigration, it seems there are endless problems that we just can't agree on, then I see the like ratio for this movie and it gives me a glimmer of hope. We can all agree that Schumer sucks.

    • This F*cking Doofus "Alt-right is a tiny fringe movement of online trolls!"

      4 times as many dislikes as likes

      "Uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh"


  70. Jesus… some people are being straight up horrible about Amy Schumer? Like I get she’s simply not funny and yes it’s a waste of money. She’s done stupid things in the past and I personally dislike her Work but some people are way too offensive? Like I know this is the internet but come on… can’t we just all say ‘I’m not going to watch this’

  71. Am I the only one who thinks that Amy shumer isn't that fucking big????? Most of her money comes from her making fun of her weight… but she's like, average af?

  72. 9k thumbs up? Wow. That's really impressive. Or, it would be if you didn't have THIRTYFOURTHOUSAND thumbs down!


  73. Okay I have to say it because it annoyed me. The part where the girl said “I’m dealing with low self esteem right now” and she replied “I wanna punch you in your dumb face” as if being pretty means you automatically have high self esteem? I know it’s just a movie, and I’m trying not to take it too seriously, but you can have low self esteem about A LOT more things than your physical appearance. Okay? Cool.

  74. Amy Schumer…..Trying to teach girls that being a fat slob is healthy/attractive whilst actively making women who make an effort to be healthy and fit feel like freaks!

    • Danny Pax she's Rich. She can seduce boy toys until she's 80. Looks are for people who don't have money. People who have money don't need that tool.

  75. Looking at all these negative comments is like… this movie is made for people like you who put other people down, who you probably haven't even met, to make yourselves feel better or like you're funny. This is about someone who is confident in herself without having to be the "ideal" body type regardless of what you think about her personality or jokes. I don't see how that is so disgusting, but what is disgusting is your jerk comments. There is no need for that, keep your mean opinions to yourself.

  76. This movie looks fucking amazing…
    …ly horrible. I can't wait not to see it. I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be the same after watching this. FML!

  77. Lol guys stop, this movie is trying to spread a positive message. Can you all ignore the fact that Amy is the protagonist and actually try to understand what the movies about?

  78. These comments are sickening.
    Don’t pay attention to the actors.
    Pay attention to the story line of the movie.
    Half of it is mind twisting people to think it’s positive by believing you’re only beautiful for being skinny, the other half making people feel self conscious and terrible for half extra pounds. Truly a messed up movie.

    Shame on all of you for putting down over weight people.
    It’s because of people like you that there’s self harm and suicide in this world.
    You all are disgusting creatures to twist the movie from 1 actress playing in it and to attack the over weight society.
    Some people can’t control being over weight.
    While others can it’s not your damn business.
    I’m literally laughing and fuming at these idiotic comments when half of them being typed are from people who probably aren’t comfortable or happy with themselves. The other half from people who’s parents told them all their lives they’re perfect and you arrogant people think your shit don’t stink.
    I also think it’s wrong for a director to cast and make a film like this with some of the stuff being said as it’s also a downer to people.
    I never cared for Amy but goes to show back from top comments that she’ll try to be a star for any role no matter how offensive it is.
    Hard as the story line to this movie seems like it’s saying something positive in some parts but the whole thing is legit a body shame and how some individual fuck who came up with the thought sees women. And, thinks they all should be twigs.

  79. I've always wondered how some people that are so thoroughly hated across all demographics still plow forward into movie roles like this. It's like she threatened to #metoo some producer.

  80. TBH they could have the whole vice versa thing with this , in which a two women switch places and see what life is like as the other size.

  81. 34 thousand dislikes????

    Amy. If you read this. They all secretly can’t wait to watch it but it’s “trendy” to hate you right now. Don’t let these fuck faces bring you down.

  82. I don't understand why everybody is hating on this movie…i mean I think people who are always hating on themselves and are insecure (like me) can get a lesson out of this. I think it can show that you are beautiful and you are the only person stopping yourself from being confident and loving yourself. That's just me though..

    • Alissa Shapsnikoff it's not so much the movie people are hating on. It's the "star" of the movie their hating on, so called "comedian" Amy.

    • Joe Horne I know, and I totally get that. My comment was to those people that said it made thin women look like quote "snobs" and that she only loved herself bc she imagined she was skinny. I was just trying to defend the movies lesson. People were also saying how it was a "waste of money" and to me personally, I love seeing a movie that makes me feel good about myself as a insecure teen, and I'm sure others do also. so it didn't appear to me as quote "a waste." Also the fact the people aren't even willing to watch the trailer bc it has Amy in it. They just immediately hate on it. If they actually watched this trailer i think they would realize wow I've never seen a movie where a women loves herself completely and isn't insecure. So anyways when I saw the hate on it i was completely taken aback, and wanted to defend the trailer/movie. Just wanted to explain why I wrote that comment.

  83. I just want Amy to know that even though I call her things like unfunny, unoriginal, rude, preachy, gratuitous, and simply bad at comedy…
    its probably because she's female, and no other reason at all, so theres no reason for her to try to improve even a little bit.


  84. Why does everyone hate her so much? I never watched anything with her in it so I'm clueless. Will someone fill me in????

  85. i’m honestly so confused? why is there so much hate on this trailer? it seems like a nice little comedy with a good message.

  86. “I can be a fat, unattractive woman who acts like I’m pretty and the whole world will acknowledge me that way because of that confidence!”…. and most men are completely happy with the size of their dick. 😁

  87. Look to these haters, these are the people who are going to blindly follow a leader like Hitler and scapegoat and kill one person or an ethnicity

  88. indoctrination play book’ (((LEFTIST)))CORPORATE MEDIA

    “SEE ALSO”

  89. I'm sick of these know-it-all haters who type whatever the hell is in their heads. You know what, I'm going to one day talk crap about your movie, you know why?!!! Because you did that before!!!!!!! To someone innocent!!!!!

  90. If you guys don't stop this crap talking, I'm seriously going to report each and every one of your comments until none of your comments are left here

  91. The worst thing is not Amy Schumer, but that we basically already know every joke on this movie: "oh no, that doesn't look normal. . . Because she's fat!" If you want a better movie just watch Shallow Hall- I mean, it's not that great and I can't even say it tries, but at least it doesn't have Amy Schumer. Only thing that was missing was that if Amy just stole the "Who helped you?" joke on the store again.

  92. Now I’m not a Schumer fan in the slightest, but aren’t all these comments calling her fat and ugly the exact thing this film is trying to comment on? Just sayin.

  93. i dont like amy but this movie looks hilarious and original… finally they stop remaking good movies and make an original. it does remind me of a shallow hal but from a female perspective.

  94. So can they replace amy with say Margaret cho or Jenny Zigrino or any actual funny female comedian who might not fit the ideal beauty theme of models or the beauty industry. Then it might be successful. At the most extreme method keep amy, but have her dubbed by a actual funny female comedian and have her only do movements rather then speak just move her mouth to look like she is speaking.

    • Aesthetical Amy Schumer has been caught stealing from other comedians many times, playing victim because she thinks being a women gives you victim points, and being a straight up hypocrite. Example of being a hypocrite is when people make fun of her for being a fat gross whore, she gets mad and shames them on social media, even though that's her comedy image and persona. This is a few reasons why Shumer is hated.

  95. Lol at the feminist writers who made pieces on how triggered they are and how this movie shouldn’t have been made. If it’s one thing women hate more than men, it’s other women.

  96. This movie might've done well if Amy Schumer actually went with the role of an "average" woman working really hard in getting into shape while calling out The Plastics(Reference from Mean Girls) out on their bullshit of not everyone was born "good looking", or something along that line… There might've been some potential there…

    But no… Amy went this route instead.

  97. The movie from idiocracy sounds more appealing.. : The #1 movie in America was called "Ass." And that's all it was for 90 minutes. It won eight Oscars that year, including best screenplay.

  98. Didn’t like Shallow Hal, this movie looks no better.

    This movie promotes mental illness in favor of reality. If only everyone who is fat slam their head on the ground until their brain is damaged to the point of believing they are fit and beautiful.

    I’m surprised there was no scene with her running a marathon and winning…and not going straight to the hospital after passing out and nearly dying.

    Yeah…fuck reality!

  99. I'm so conflicted. On one hand, I love that feminist fatties are triggered by the fact that Amy isn't fat enough and has white privilege, but on the other hand, I think Amy Schumer is a fucking hack. Do I give it thumbs up, or thumbs down?

  100. I see the real world and I lose hope but then I watch anime like Clannad for the first time and it gives me a strong desire to obtain love like that. It gives me hope that some women are great. Ironically, the things women and feminists accuse of being sexist, is one of the things that prevent me from becoming sexist.

  101. someone has paid for this to be in the trending page but the views show how literally nobody gives a fuck about amy vagina Schumer. ha.

  102. All Amy does mock women who aren’t conventionally attractive or pretty. And it’s just for comedic affect (and rarely ever actually tasteful or funny) , it has no deeper meaning or value like who gives a shit about appearances when there’s so much more important things we can do in life. So tired of it.

  103. people who say bad things about this film are fascist, sexist, rapists, …..and completely right. Who the hell wants to see this movie?

    • Anna Cave
      Promoting heart disease and cancer looks good to you?

      It’ll be like promoting REALLY skinny people and that it is fine to starve.

      When it is clearly not.

      This movie is the same concept but the other way around.
      Instead, they are encouraging the drowning of people in glucose.

  104. Well this movie has done one good thing. It caused the Alt Left to show their true sexist, racist, slut-shaming colors for all to see.

    • Marty Smith
      In what way is sexism part of this. The ideology that obesity is okay, is frightening for human health and evolution. Shame on you

  105. no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  106. The like to dislike ratio on this trailer clearly shows how much work is left to be done eliminating the patriarchy from our society.
    … Is what they will say to defend this garbage fire. How long before media execs realize no one like this crap?

  107. If this video had more likes than dislikes. Then I’d question. If we shouldn’t be attracted to someone who’s pretty. Then lets look at biology and every other living creature on earth.

    Hmmm. I don’t see any freaking animals fucking each other based on their personality. No, based on how they look.


    Get to reality.

    People work really hard for good looking bodies to attract partners. I’m sorry you’re too lazy and too in love with food to actually try.

    Either try or face the consequences of loneliness.

    Tbh we shouldn’t judge people by the way we look. Face wise. Because that’s how we have been born.

    BUT it’s COMPLETELY to judge someone over their weight because THEY CAN CONTROL IT and people don’t find it attractive when someone has an eating habit.

    Sure some people have medical conditions and can’t help it. I get it.

    But that’s only a very small percentage of obese people.

    If you want a partner. Work hard. Don’t cry for sympathy because you tipped a penny to a homeless guy.

    Look for a partner when you’ve worked hard on yourself. You’re fit and healthy. And you will still keep the same good personality.


    absolutely pathetic movie.
    Teaching kids that it is okay to be fat. And it’s okay to get type 2 diabetes. And heart disease and cancer.

    Absolutely disgraceful.

  108. Are we too mean to Amy Schumer? I mean I don’t like her either and she has behaved in shitty ways. But she’s still a human being. She had feelings ya know? Maybe she’s so mean because she figured we don’t like her anyway and believes we’re this horrible people everyone in Hollywood is told we are maybe treating them this way just further proves that to them. I’m not saying to bow down and be nice to her or them I’m saying maybe we should tell them how we feel and hear them out instead of just yelling and bullying all the time. August Ames has already killed herself on the SJW side of things I don’t want someone like Amy Schumer to do the same because of us she may play tough but really I think she’s fragile and been taught to behave that way through no fault of her own, I may not like her but I don’t want her to kill herself.

  109. Wow, so many rude comments for no reason. Not saying I am a fan of Amy but still. People always got something bad to say about somebody else. It's shallow and unnecessary. Your not only being messed up but you are also ruining someones career.

  110. The sad thing is this movie won’t really change today’s women or how they see themselves.
    We’ll still have to tolerate their psycho-gender stupidity after this wears off.

  111. Lmao go watch jaclynglynn’s video on this I agree with it all… women need to stop acting oppressed in times it’s not true and stop getting offended
    (I am a women before u come at me)

  112. Amy Schumer is trash! Sorry lady’s and gent’s but the reality is that if you are UGLY you are Ugly simple, if you are HOT you are HOT the government nor does society force that on you it’s just your eyes

  113. Why do people hate on amy soooo bad, i think she is hilarious even funnier than kevin hart and im black!!! come on people let her be great. do your thing amy i got you boo❤ cant wait to see it

  114. 0:20 the world judges the outside becuz thats how you show respect to yourself. If youre obese, its a sign you are more likely to active or he healthy.

  115. I thought I would feel bad for disliking this video solely based on my pure hate for this woman. But I don’t. I really don’t. Thanks Obama.

  116. I want to have a discussion with ppl who dislikes the trailer; why they don't likebit. I want to see this movie. Confidence does change everything. Trust me, I've hated myself for years. You can't tell someone they can't have insecurities bc u personally feel they don't look all that bad. The way you see me is completely different from the way i see me.

  117. OK 0:35 made me a little angry. That was outwright invalidating someone else's problems without hearing anything about what they're dealing with just because they look prettier. This trailer acts as though it's heading for a "more than someone's appearance" theme but had such a hypocritical exchange and plays it as though it's a valid point.

  118. Honestly. I'm probably gonna get hate for this but I love Amy! She's funny to me! People just get a little too easily offended these days.. 2k18🙄

  119. Hollywood hasn't figured out yet that Amy Schumer is absolutely worthless? Like come on, who is throwing their money away on this crap?

  120. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▒▓▓█████████████▓▓▒░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

  121. "I'm just like dealing with low self esteem"
    "I want to punch you in the face"
    Yes because skinny people can't have low self esteem. That only for fat people because they are oppressed. I hope you die of diabetes amy schumer.

  122. To change the world you must change yourself first. It is impossible otherwise because if you aren't willing to change youself, why should anyone change for you?

    Also Amy Schumer isn't unfunny. Not my cup of tea though. Offensive humour is where it's at.

  123. unnecessary movie, and i don’t understand how Hollywood still cast Amy as a lead character … she is not funny at all… i hope that after this movie they got the message.

  124. Why are so many kids here when 99% of Amy’s jokes are about adult, female life? It’s like you guys are expecting to see a bee at an ant farm.

  125. by this trailer its clear that girls are the only people judging fat people. (That baby and that guy are not good examples) I also love how not only is Amy [FUCKING] schumer the lead, but that she makes no attempt to make herself look better. I'm not saying it's right to belittle her, but I'm saying that It's stupid that she's so shallow that she thinks that she doesn't have to, (hmm. . .) become healthy. /:

  126. Wtf is wrong with all of you. You all are so fucking hurtful and disrespectful. Its not about LOOKING pretty. Its about FEELING pretty, and having self confidence. The movie isnt fucking called "I LOOK Pretty"

  127. Instead of dieting, going to the gym and working hard to look good she’s just making a shitty movie about the one of the worst “movements” ever fat acceptance