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Check out the official Overboard trailer starring Anna Faris! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: April 13, 2018
Starring: Eugenio Derbez, Anna Faris, Eva Longoria
Directed By: Bob Fisher, Rob Greenberg
Synopsis: A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee. A remake of the 1987 comedy.

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  1. I love the original and this just looks terrible. I was excited when I heard they were doing a remake but I don't know this just doesn't look good. Maybe the trailer is just wrong.

    • Can you please state the title of the goddamn 'original'? Everyone is saying ORIGINAL ORIGINAL THE ORIGINAL IS BETTER REEEEEE but no one is saying the title of the goddamn ORIGINAL???

  2. I'd be interested if they didn't do the Gender Reversal Gimmick again. These days, some self-righteous assholes would claim its encouraging sexual assault, or something.

  3. I re-watched the original after the first trailer hit a month ago. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were amazing and had great chemistry. On April 13 I will re-watch it AGAIN instead of this garbage haha…

  4. Trying to hold back my anger…come up with new ideas Hollywood and stop recycling classics and making annoying unfunny movies as “remakes”! 🤬🤬

  5. No offense but dude isn't attractive enough, they should have had like Hugh Jackman or someone…because it's suppose to be how did she catch that guy/"out of her league" type of vibe…this dude looks like an everyday dude. (they lowkey look alike too 👀😂)

  6. Is Hollywood so bereft of originality that they to wreck a classic? Granted, the original wasn't an award winner, but it was well done, the chemistry between Kurt and goldie was amazing and it was overall an entertaining movie. This is straight to video.

  7. When will Hollywood realize people hate shitty remakes especially ones that use gender bending as it's only attempt at creating some interest.

    • If we're getting technical, then technically I haven't even seen the original 😉
      I really just posted to make fun of how she says her name … "Onna like on a bus" and "Ferris like Ferris Bueller". She doesn't seem to understand that the "Ann" should sound like "An idiot" and the "Fa" should sound like "family". I'm sure she wouldn't pronounce "An Idiot Family" as "On Idiot Femily". I just want to get another woman to bitch slap her and tell her to stop being a focking ediot. </rant> Hey, if you can't have a good rant on youtube then where else can ya.

  8. I mean if it was Kate Hudson, not Anna Faris and also a different guy then I might give it a chance. Maybe even have a cameo from her mom Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. That being said I don't see it even coming close to being good, let alone a classic like the original.

    • IMO, this "could" work with either Kate or Anna. But I agree they should have got a different guy. Somebody along the lines of a Chris Hemsworth type.
      Also, I have this crazy suspicion that when the guy regains his memory he's also going to remember that he's gay.

  9. Love Anna Faris, but no, this remake shouldnt have been made, its not funny switching the genders thats why it wasnt made this way the first time…

  10. don't judge a book by its cover (movie trailers too) Its not even out yet but i do agree the original is great but give it a chance.

  11. They should of had goldies daughter kate do the remake kate hudson and tom hardy or Joe Anderson or Gerard butler but definitely Kate

  12. Hollywood: (saying) Hey Anna heard about your very public divorce from Chris Pratt, totally sucks…hey we got a script for you
    (thinking) lets capitalize off that public divorce of hers and yea we can do a re-make to

    Anna: (saying) wow mr.producer looks great, lets do it
    (thinking) hey couple million bucks, plus I can make a film that sublimely shows the importance of family over money and hot girls in hopes that my ex Chris sees it, totally down

  13. sorry Anna Faris, but I haven't forgiven you for the Emoji Movie yet so yeah not seeing this one. hell, that's even before considering this being a remake of a classic, the Emoji Movie is the kinda crap that deserves an apology for its creation. until then, fuck ya.

  14. This doesn't need to exist… the original is a classic. Stop ruining great movies with shitty sub par remakes that no one has asked for or wanted.

    • Also how the hell is that justified what she did, all he did was break a cleaning machine… Also, she had to sleep with him really early… Or maybe she made some shit up to not have to?

  15. Oh I get it, we're changing the roles. Great idea! Now a woman will play Kurt Russell's part and a man will play Goldie Hawn's. Very ingenious. Can't wait to see this!!! Plus they're using a Middle Eastern looking guy to add some DIVERSITY!!!! We're living in the best days of the movie business. We get to see so many remakes of movies with women leading the role and emasculating men. Plus they keep adding more and more liberal ideology into every movie so we can be brainwashed into thinking like them. Yep, the movie business has never been better!!! Can't wait for Star Wars IX! Can't wait to see a remake of Back to the Future with a lesbian female in the lead role and seeing Doc steal plutonium from the evil U.S. government ran by Trump.

    Liberalism is cancer.

  16. If you know the song at 1:57 please tell me these are the lyrics for it "maybe tonight is the start of our lives yo quiero que te ponga las manos arriba" from what i heard.

  17. I'm guessing this guy purchased the rights to, produced, directed, casted and promoted this movie? Because I just don't see how else this could happen!

  18. Why does Hollywood feel the need to remake really good movies! Personally I think they just can’t come up with anything new!! The original was the best!!

  19. God fuckin' dammit! Can't they leave the original alone? Or at least have Chris Pratt as a replacement of Kurt Russel? You know since he's with Anna Faris…like Kurt is with Goldie Hawn…makes sense to me.

  20. Oh look! Another reverse gender role Hollywood piece of sht.
    What’s next, all female Ghostbusters?
    Oh right, you guys already fcked that too…

  21. Mexican Billionaire meets American middle class… no one said billionaires had to look good. This is a movie I would watch while I'm doing crafts or something as background noise

  22. It’s the 21st-century people need to get used to the change and check if you love overboard that much you should look forward to this new movie, like what the heck I’m looking forward to it I was raised with the movie. I just wanna see how it compares to the old one. give the credit to the actors and producers for that they tried really hard to make it good. It brings back memories for of mine.

  23. uuuummmmmmm……..WHAT!!? what is this?? thise seems a little….unnecessary. the original is fine, i mean, despite a bit of a sexist undertone, its still decent enough movie. but this?? whats next…? are they gonna remake "the out-of-towners"? THEY BETTER NOT!!!

  24. I love this movie so much on April 13 I am going to see it at the movies❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  26. it be so funny if the actor is anna and chris prat. just like the original kurt russel and goldie hawn a real husband and wife

  27. People are complaining about movie remakes and all, good for them! Now can someone tell me the name of that song in the end of that trailer??? (Can’t find it in soundtrack)

  28. i guess since the song isn't out yet i'll just be hear listening to the trailer on repeat just for that song lmao

  29. Why did they switch roles, I thought Anna Faris could have e been a great Goldie Hawn character especially wearing the thong bikini. Also not this guy, they should have did a kurt Russell redneck type of guy. I think that I will pass on this.

  30. Ok…seeing this second trailer, it looks like it's at least hitting some of the right notes. About the only beef I have with it on this one is trying to make it look like Anna Faris is somehow unattractive. Now, Kurt Russell is attractive, but he was able to pull off looking like some blue collar joe in the original. Anna Faris…not so much. If I had amnesia and a woman who looked like her claimed she was my wife, I'd wonder what I said to her to make her say "yes".I also would have preferred if her character was looking to go into business for herself rather than an RN degree, but…eh, maybe it works into the plot.

  31. Another movie that didn't need re-making. More feminist crap, apparently no one learned from that turd Ghostbusters remake.

  32. Could someone ask Kurt Russell to bitch slap the person who thought this was a good idea up side the head. It looks like it might be had funny as the original. But the guy has to go.

  33. If anyone wants to know the name of the song, it’s Yo Quiero by Hanky Panky
    Look it up on YouTube and it should be one of the first things to pop up

  34. And y is Anna Faris not billed first n this movie and billed second n the credits smh it should b: Anna Faris, Eva Longoria and introducing this newcomer Hispanic actor

  35. but if it would of been a black guy like always everyone wouldn't be saying negative things but seens his mexican its a bullshit ass movie

  36. la acabo de ver
    y se me hizo super buena
    me hizo llorar y reir
    no e visto la original
    pero nadie iguala a derves

  37. I just came back from the movie theater and this movie was great!! Lots of comedy and heart felt moments, definitely worth the money 🙂

  38. If you have doubts about this movie, once you watch, you will enjoy it better than you originally though

  39. This movie really surprised me. As a big fan of the original, and not into remakes at all, I was very apprehensive. It turned out to be hilariously funny and sweet. They've emphasised more on comedy than romance, and it's more about finding yourself fitting in a family than about the lead's sexual or romantic chemistry. Also really liked how they integrated Mexican tropes and culture. It was rather seamless.


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