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Check out the official The Grinch TV Spot starring Benedict Cumberbatch! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: November 9, 2018
Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch
Directed By: Scott Mosier, Yarrow Cheney
Synopsis: A grumpy Grinch plots to ruin Christmas for the village of Whoville.

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  1. I'll tell ya one thing, you won't catch Pixar doing something gay like this.
    I literally have no respect or fucks to give, illumination…

    • After making Despicable Me, which is actually a fine kids movie, Illumination decided that they didn't need to be creative or make interesting movies as long as it's marketed a lot and appeals to kids be being 'funny'. They've just been making bland uninteresting movies that people want to see anyways just because it's an animated kids movie and they see ads for it everywhere. This was probably at it's worst when they made Minions, a spinoff with absolutely no creativity or effort put into it, but had minions in it and a massive marketing campaign based off of it making it the second most successful kids movie of all time. They're trying to follow this formula to make as much money as possible, so I think this movie will have none of the spirit or charm or decency of the original, but instead just 1.) Be animated so kids will want to see it. 2.) Be a comedy. They think kids don't care about how funny a movie is as long as they know it's a comedy. 3.) Fill it with lame pop music. They did it in the Lorax, they're going to do it here as well. If you look up the movie it's defined as a comedy-musical, which the original was neither of. 4.) Spend $10 million on advertising so every kid in the planet will know that it exists and will want to see it. 5.) Use some elements of the source material so there can be a plot. 6.) Absolutely nothing else. It's just a step by step process to earn money, and they're only going to do the least amount of work for the biggest pay. This is why it's going to be a terrible movie.

    • really my only hope for them now is the mario movie
      because if theres anything i know,
      theres NO way anything could be worse (in terms of adaptations) than the mario film from 93

    • Daniel Attrell what do you mean despicable me was their best movie!? Their best movie was the Emoji Movie! How dare you disrespect that!

    • The Illumination logo, combined with the completely wrong personality of the Grinch, combined with the way they tried to make him seem cute to sell more merchandise, combined with the fact that the first teaser trailer for the movie is an olympics ad, tells us just about everything we need to know. This movie will be an Illumination cashgrab designed to make as much money as possible.

  2. I saw the animation style, I liked it, I saw that Benedict Cucumberman voiced it, I liked it. Then I saw illumination made it, so nevermind, the movie's gonna suck

  3. Attention, I am a German WATER COP! The Grinch fails to mention this in every video, but please drink 3 liters of water EVERY DAY. Not only does it taste good, it is super HEALTHY. Thank you very much and stay HYDRATED!

  4. This is not the Grinch. The Grinch is not a heads-in-the-clouds dreamer. He's supposed to be an angry jerk. This is not that. This is being different for the sake of being different, in other words, what nobody was asking for. I so hope that this is nothing what he's like in the movie, but I doubt it. If he's actually like this, I'll be watching the Jim Carrey one (a.k.a., the good one) on repeat to get this out of my head.

    • I think Illumination thinks if he's really mean and angry then he won't be adorable enough to sell Grinch merchandise, which is really all that Illumination cares about after the kids movie plague that is the minions.

    • That's exactly my point, Donutbigboy, it's supposed to promote the movie, so why would they make the main character, the character the movie's named after, so radically different in personality in the ads than from the movie. That is really, really, dumb marketing.

  5. So, now the grinch its already a semi nice guy from the beginning and not in the end? they make the most generic grinch ever i guess

  6. The animation is fine, but why advertise the movie with a ballerina segment. That just seems so random. Also, y’all can complain about the movie all you want, but I’m sure it’s going to be a success, since this is illumination and they’ve had only one financial failure with Hop (2011).

    • Actually, when I said that, I wasn’t saying as a good thing, I was just trying to be honest. I’m not a fan of illuminations practices of cost effective methods in order to cheapen the budgets of their films to less than $100 million, and that their movies feel very safe and not usually unique or groundbreaking, but due to their lucrative marketing, I’m sure it’s going to be a financial success. I still don’t like the trailer.

  7. Everyone in the WORLD knows who Mickey, Donald and Goofy are. Universal is in desperate need of iconic characters, just this isn't it 🙁

  8. Look at all the grown ass people saying no 😂😂 this isn’t intended for anyone above the age of four you selfish assholes. My kids gonna watch the shit outta this! And me!

  9. YES, YES, YES!!! My favorite Dr. Seuss story is back!!!! I love the animation, and I just know Illumination will do it right!! 😃

  10. I love the Grinch, but this isnt the Grinch, but who cares, right? Who cares that the only reason the Grinch still has any relevance is because of fans of the old stuff? Illumination cant help but ruin another beloved franchise, turning the Grinch into a generic animated character, with the excuse that this is what kids want to see, instead of actually doing something great with the Grinch, or coming up with an original character. What crappy pop idol are they going to shoehorn into this movie, I wonder. Place your bets here!!

  11. I don’t hate it. The Animation isn’t god awful and, we haven’t heard his voice or seen what the other characters will look like I don’t think is gonna be that bad. Besides this is an Olympics trailer. Not even a teaser

  12. Wow. Just wow. What an insult to the original book. Oh, hold on a second? Do you hear that? It's the sound of Dr. Suess turning furiously in his grave. This is just shamelessly inexcusable.

  13. Benedict cumberbatch is voicing the Grinch not Jim Carrey!? Honestly how could you illumanation. The world needs more Jim Carrey!

  14. All y'all silly ole whos acting like Jim Carrey was the first Grinch. Brilliant one, yes. But Christmas has changed since last time, so go suck a whodog. I'm always down for some Grinch.

  15. I'm honestly surprised by the hatred towards Illumination in the comments. I don't think they're THAT bad a company.

    • This guy You just looked at a 30-second Olympics commercial what is wrong with you!? Sooner or later it's not going to be bad boi!!

  16. Way to not portray the Grinch properly in the very first teaser.
    Though this is the same company that used The Lorax to Sell Cars.

  17. WTF? no no no no no no no no noooooooooooooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… no no no no no no no no no no no.

  18. The only good Grinch is the short animated classic. The Jim Carrey one sucked ass and I’d imagine this one will suck as well…This preview at least was just….horrid and cringeworthy to the max. Zero personality of the Grinch seen here.

  19. They better bring back the songs from the original cartoon for this. I can’t wait to hear Benedict Cumberbatch sing “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch.”

  20. This looks like trash. I will continue to remain true to the original- the 1966 ORIGINAL. Everyone praises the Jim Carey remake as the original, but Boris Karloff is my Grinch. The REAL Grinch!

  21. I love how alot of people think just because he smiled in this teaser, that the movie is going to be bad, when clearly the title of the movie is called "The grinch" and not "How the grinch stole Christmas". This movie is suppose to show us how the grinch was before he became grumpy and wanted to steal christmas, so basically a backstory of the grinch

  22. This isn't related to this movie, but does anyone needs any more PROOF that Illumination SHOULD'NT be making the new Super Mario Bros. movie? Look what they've done to the Grinch! They'll fuck Mario up in the ass!
    I know this is just a Olympic promo, but I don't dig the new designs. What happened to Max? His face looks nothing like Dr. Seuss' original style.

  23. If he’s not voiced by Boris Karloff, it’s not the Grinch. Jim Carrey worked hard, but face it, the original one is the superior film.

    • Boris died 3 years after the original Christmas special, you must've been in some Captain America sleep. But Benedict Cumberbatch is the Grinch, and he'll most likely play him really good. Though I agree, if it isn't Boris Karloff, it isn't the Grinch.

  24. Everyone: I like the original Grinch
    Me: Okay. Seriously. Jim isn't the original Grinch… The CARTOON was the original, soooo…
    Everyone: I don't like this Grinch. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm still going to judge!
    Me: ……Wooooooooooooow.

    • Jagyson first of all, it's a teaser that has nothing to do with the movie. So the fact that you're judging this based on the fact that it exists is stupid

    • Dillon Ohlemiller Actually, we can already know a lot about the movie and what it will be like. From the way it was made by Illumination, we can guess that it will be another mediocre movie with no creativity put into made just to make money, and combined with the 'adorable' design for the Grinch and his new dreamer personality, we know that they're trying to make him cute so they can sell as much Grinch merchandise as possible like they did with the minions and the Lorax. The fact that this short story for kids was made into a movie (a second time) shows that they only made it so we'll want to watch it for our love of the original story. And then there's the fact that the first trailer they release for the movie is just an advertisement instead of something that would actually make the movie good, which shows that this movie doesn't care about being good, they just know we're going to watch it because it's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, so they're trying to shove in as many product tie-ins as possible, or the fact that the clip they did decide to show us to show us what the movie will be like was bland, unfunny, and not very interesting. So what we know about the movie so far is that it's going to be a bland, unoriginal sellout aiming to make as much money as possible without putting any effort into being good. I think I have enough information to tell whether this will be any good.


  26. AND THERE IT IS, another great classic about to be ruined. There is only like 10s of actual footage (discounting the sequence of figure skating), meaning what I saw was not the grinch and if its like a pseudo sequel to the grinch, then its even worse. Because hollywood seems to want to shit on all the classics lately.

  27. All the people who dislike this video are people who don't have good taste in animated movies at all. All the people who like this video are the best people ever!

  28. I kind of like that we now have picture book, hand drawn animation, live action and cgi animation works. Stop motion, radio play and video game next please.

  29. To all the haters in the comments: please don’t hate on this just because it’s illumination. Come on, really? Nobody can just let things exist or give anything a chance nowadays. This deserves a chance. It might be good, who knows? I, personally, am very excited about this. All I say is give it a chance, ok? If you’re mad cuz “the original had nothing wrong so there’s nothing to remake”, this isn’t for you. This is for the younger/illiterate demographic so they can enjoy this wonderful story! And by all means if you have a child, enjoy it with them! So just let it do it’s thing, which is introducing younger audiences to this amazing story. If you’re gonna hate, then hate. People will find anything new and just immediately start hating on it. If it’s not your thing, then don’t write a comment for Pete’s sake. Just give it a chance.

  30. While I think it's unlikely, if only the Whos (Jojo, Ned, Sally, etc.) from 'Horton Hears A Who!' made an appearance in this movie…

  31. How Typical people are hating this cause its Different Well Boo-Hoo so what if its different Get over it people I mean Really You should'nt Base EVERY Reboot on Teen titans Go Just cause That Reboot Sucked doesn't mean every Reboot will Suck Stop Being Babies and Suck it Up!!

  32. Everyone's complaining about how their childhood is ruined and how Jim Carrey will always be the Grinch.

    I don't like Illumination either, but… it's just a commercial that barely shows anything. You can complain all you like when the trailer shows up.

    • Dawson Brannan I'm a fan of Illumination, but I agree with you. People are bitching and moaning about a movie they never saw. They're childhood is not ruined. It's a promotional ad for the Olympics, it's not a trailer or a clip or anything.

    • The fact that it was made by Illumination tells us almost everything we need to know, like how it's going to be a sellout cashgrab with annoying pop music and lame additions to the story. I really don't like it when people talk about how this movie will never be as good as the Jim Carrey one though, because that wasn't the good one, the original original was. I don't like how people are going to start referring to that one as 'the original Grinch movie' now. It was basically the same thing as this but less of a sellout.

    • Greenstorm 84 Whatever you say.

      I don't think the first 2 Despicable Me's are bad, but everything else from Illumination ranges from mediocore to awful. After The Lorax, I could easily see how this would fail.

      But I'm still a little concerned that people are already calling this clip "cringey" EVEN THOUGH the Grinch was just skating. If the logo Pixar or DreamWorks were attached to this commercial, no one would've complained. That's what I was getting at.

  33. When you see that finally some footage of the new Grinch movie has been released and you are super excited cuz Benedict Cumberbatch voices him and then HE DOESN'T SPEAK. Like why srsly why?

  34. First of all this is so lowbrow. 2nd it is nothing compared to the original. 3rd Dr. Seuss books just aren't meant to be made into films

  35. I don't understand how everyone's saying that this is gonna be so bad and oh no another reboot, really. It's a 30sec teaser trailer and not the official one. If you want to judge a movie, watch it, otherwise it's just prejudicing

  36. Wow even the crappy live action Grinch looked better than this! I mean at least the live action Grinch had a scary design for christ sake!!

  37. Well, no one asked for this movie, but… cough Your an animated one, Mr. Grinch (Do do do doo DO) Your dog is also cute. Max is from Secret Life of Pets and the Grinch just looks like… meh, Mr. GriiiiIIInch. Your title is The Grinch when it’s supposed… HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRIISTMAAAAAAAAAS (do Do do do DO Dox2 do do do Do Do Do DO) Your also a little one, Mr. Grinch (Do do do doo DO) Your ugly as —— (Do do Do DO) You look a freaking baby with a big head, Mr. GriiiIIch! But you know don’t let anyone judge you… BY YOUR LOOOOOOOOOOOKS!!! (Do do do do DO Dox2 do do do Do Do Do DOOOOO). Ehem. Thank you for reading this song.

  38. I hoped Martha May Whovier is in the 2018 version. If she’s not, however, the fans are gonna complain about this remake if the director and the writers don’t put Martha May Whovier in the 2018 version

  39. So based on this teaser, this integration of the Grinch is someone who wants to do great things but life has thrown him a curveball so not only does he feel he can’t live out his dreams, he will push out any shread of effection that comes his way.

    • +Paul Lacy
      Not only will it suck ass, but he'll be completely biased. Hell, maybe he'll do the same thing to those who liked Jim Carrey and Benedict Cumberwatch Grinch just like he did to those who liked Eight Crazy Nights.

    • Nocturus Perhaps you don't understand the Nostalgia Critic. The Nostalgia Critic is a fictional character created and performed by Doug Walker.
      The Nostalgia Critic is a humorous exaggeration of Doug's opinions on films, and if you watch his Sibling Rivalry videos he does with his brother Rob Walker and his Doug Reviews videos, you will see the Doug is much more low key than his character the Nostalgia Critic that he portrays. It's basically half review half comedy skit. It's supposed to be funny.
      So don't be so defensive.

    • +DODA Films
      Oh give me a break with that nonsense.

      Nostalgia Critic's opinion on the film he's "reviewing" are the same opinions that Doug has been saying in his Sibling Rivalry reviews, much like Cinemasins opinions in his Everything Wrong With series and his before and after watching movie reviews.

      Yes I know humor is subjective, but when majority aren't laughing at jokes that involves research (mostly tv shows and actors/actresses recent or past events) but laugh at constant screaming and unfunny exaggeration then its no longer subjective, unless you know you have low standards to humor.

      Also, Doug is not a reviewer. Spoiling the entire film in a single video with clips and making reaction to it doesn't make you a film critic. It makes you a reactionist.


  41. Seriously? I came in thinking that it was finally time to see if this movie would be the classic it deserves to be or a pile of Illumination trash, and all I got was a clip of the Grinch figure skating. I am so confused. What even is this? It's not really funny, or inspiring, or interesting, it's just the Grinch and I think an ad for the olympics. That's probably not a great sign if they release a video where the Grinch is used in some sort of advertisement 10 months early as the first teaser trailer. This is going to be the Lorax all over again, isn't it?

  42. Well done, Illumination. You made me feel more subtextual sympathy and emotion for the Grinch as a character in a 30 second ad that doesn't even really promote the movie than the live-action film did.

    • Well, we ARE getting Benedict Cumberbatch, which is damn close to Boris Karloff (the best and the original Grinch)

      Plus, the 2001 movie was horrible.

  43. I only watched the f**king thing to hear Mr Cumberbatch but f**k me dead because I didn't and paused "Bob's Burgers" for nothing!!!

  44. Why does the Grinch look like that? The other Grinch movies had him look like a grumpy old man like he's meant to, since he sort of represents a grump who doesn't care about anyone but himself. This Grinch looks like a cute stuffed animal. You don't look at him and feel afraid or that he isn't a pleasant person to be with, you just want to buy a bunch of Grinch merchandise.
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute, that was intentional, wasn't it? DANG IT ILLUMINATION!

  45. There's no way you can mess up the Grinch so people chill out, it's animation looks like what they did in the lorax but better

  46. Why is everyone bitching and moaning over a Winter Olympics commercial. It's not a trailer or a clip from the movie. It's just a 30 second short cartoon that didn't talk about the movie, it didn't show any other characters other than The Grinch and Max, and it did not ruin you're childhood at all. I get that a lot of you don't like Illumination's other movies, like Despicable Me, or Hop, or The Lorax (another movie based on another Dr Seuss book), or Sing, but you're childhood is not ruined over a 30 second advertisement. Just calm the fuck down. You have better things to worry about.

    • Well it's going to be Benedict Cumberbatch as the Grinch, which is pretty damn close to Boris Karloff (the best Grinch)

      Plus, the 2001 movie was really bad.

  47. Certainly wasn’t expecting this to be the first time we actually see the movie in action. I was really expecting there to be a teaser trailer of sorts where we actually hear the Batch of Cumber himself, but this is more of a teaser as anything.

  48. Wait? You mean it's not gonna be a Christmas Movie? You know, you don't have to turn Grinch into another Sing. Ok, so maybe it's not the trailer, but then where is the trailer.

  49. Oh boy…
    Delightful animation and character designs that are very close and faithful to the original, but…
    It's Illumination People, this will be passable at best and HORRIBLE at worst

  50. After this year. People will finally like the 2001 version better. Just like the star wars prequels. Now only if Jurassic Park 3 can get there, but I'll have to wait for that one…

  51. I love how everyones like "THIS IS NOT THE GRINCH, HE IS RUINED!" and I'm like " it's just a commercial for the Olympics and I don't think the movie Grinch would do this at all, they are just portraying him like this, FOR THE OLYMPICS!" IDK I still trust this movie, but am still on the edge.

    • I wouldn't get too excited, seeing how Illumination, the company infamous for it's terrible movies, is going to make this. Though at least we're going to get a really good Grinch. (Benedict Cumberbatch)

  52. We didn't even get to hear him speak guys stop criticizing this this is just a sneak peek it's not the full movie in any regard plus Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play the Grinch and he can project grumpy like nobody's business

  53. You're a weird one Mr.Grinch what da hell is wrong with you, i though you wanted to do Christmas now thiss WHAT DA HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU DA DA DA DAAA


  55. I want the Illumination Animation studios to burn down killing everyone with it, especially their CEO, please stop this spread of cancer