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Check out the official Uncle Drew teaser trailer starring Shaquille O’Neal! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: June 29, 2018
Starring: Nick Kroll, Shaquille O’Neal, LilRel Howery
Directed By: Charles Stone III
Synopsis: After draining his life savings to enter a team in the Rucker Classic street ball tournament in Harlem, Dax (Lil Rel Howery) is dealt a series of unfortunate setbacks, including losing his team to his longtime rival (Nick Kroll). Desperate to win the tournament and the cash prize, Dax stumbles upon the man, the myth, the legend UNCLE DREW (NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving) and convinces him to return to the court one more time. The two men embark on a road trip to round up Drew’s old basketball squad (Shaquille O’Neal, Chris Webber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, and Lisa Leslie) and prove that a group of septuagenarians can still win the big one. After a successful five years as a fan-favorite digital episodic series, originally conceived by Pepsi, UNCLE DREW, will hit theaters June 29, 2018.

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  1. terrible makeup + a lot of people who aren't actual actors……………………………………….. well at least it's a (nearly) all black cast.

  2. With all the CGI in play for movies, you'd think they'd nail the 'old guy' a bit better than what they did in the 90's.
    That being said, I sure hope this doesn't suck, cos I wanna watch it and have a good laugh at old farts in a 70's van. =)

  3. Typical… Someone does something stupid and the main character then says what the guy is doing and that is supposed to be funny? Because it feels like they tryin to make it funny.

  4. 1. Let's put in white dude and make him stupid in front of black people because black people want to be white.
    2. We're black so we're cheap, worst make up ever.
    3. Food. Put in the old angry black lady that's gonna yell "AW HELL NO" and serve nasty soul food.
    4. Laugh loud and fake, LOUDER.

  5. Looks funny, but since there are so few white people and no Asians or Hispanics we have to classify it as racist and in need of diversity.

  6. Looks like an entertaining level of stupid, just teetering above the unbearble stupid. The prosthetics look shitty on purpose so I’m not gonna complain about that

  7. Lol this will be a hit fun summer movie. And there not to many movies that will overshadow it besides some marvel movies but those are different animal

  8. I like the commercials and things they did with uncle drew, but i dont think this is the right way to go about it.. I hooe its funnier than this trailer

  9. my boy Uncle Drew got his own movie coming out? Thank you Pepsi gods!!!! I was hoping for a TV show but this is even better 😃

  10. I find it so funny when people complain that a Movies/ tv shows cast is almost all white people & people call it racist & then they turn around and make an almost black cast movie/ tv show!, logic?

  11. Hey. Look we only get 10 race cards a year. Do we want to have this one or we just let it fail and wait for Trump to say something. We gotta make this decision

  12. Yeah no, this dumb mother fucker Shaq believes the earth is flat, anyone associated with him automatically loses brain cells too. LMAO

  13. you know that I'm just going to watch the movie because Lil Rel Howery appears to get out right?, it would be better if I get my watermelon with kfc or I'll be upset

  14. Why the fuck everyone hating on this cos its a black cast and mainly not actors? I'm not even black and I'm excited for this 🔥. I just hope they don't add too much acting but more of playing the game.

  15. Not enough black people. I think I saw two white guys extras in the background.
    You need to make it clean and really Hammer it home how much you hate the whities.
    Almost there… just a tiny bit more hate.

  16. People saying that this is a comedy, so it doesn't need to have good makeup. No HOLD ON. Adam Sandler movie, Jackass movie and Eddie Murphy movie already actually got OSCAR NOMINATIONS for best makeup!!!

  17. They could have got Kareem and Russell and they'd be better ballers than this lot. Heck, they could have got the ghost of Wilt Chamberlain too.

  18. Welp, found the movie every black person I know will be watching this year. That sounds racist but I'm also black and the only one who hates Tyler Perry movies.

  19. The guy acts like hes just another Kevin Hart wanna be type of dude, i see no difference, they could just had Kevin Hart himself over him

  20. If this were an all white movie you'd have people screaming racist and a petition to boycott instantly. Good thing literally all of the actors are black besides one so it's not racist right guys?

  21. This trailer is good… however, we think ours can give it a run for it’s money! If you’re in to cartoon monoliths such as South Park and family guy, take a gander at our channel and give it a watch!

  22. It's abundantly clear that this character was supposed to be cast with Kevin Hart and was written as so but he declined and thus they got a discount Kevin Hart.

    • brandon Scott He was in 4 scenes in get out so like relax on that and Kevin Hart is funnier. and just because you don't like Kevin Hart doesn't make him overrated. if he sells out a football stadiums, Madison square garden. multiple other places. he's not.

    • Muhammad Ali Definition of overrated is to have a higher opinion than deserved. So tell me how he's overrated. other than I don't like him

  23. Imagine all the people that don’t know anything about basketball and they see This just as normal movie but us basketball fans are so FUCKING HYPED

  24. You ever watch a Bollywood film and wonder how anyone on the planet could possibly think this is good filmmaking? Those are the people that liked this trailer.

  25. I feel so bad for laughing at this trailer, mostly because it is a throwback to those comedies from the 90s like Nutty Professor, etc.

  26. That moment when a movie about one of the only things black people are known for sucks even though it's an all black cast. Can't wait for that explanation

  27. They should’ve made it about basketball like real playing this looks like some fake trash mixed with bad grandpa and Tyler perry

  28. The makers of this movie called the NBA and asked for the third funniest guy on there roster, when he wasn’t there, they asked for Shaq

  29. One white dude in the whole movie, and it's nick kroll. I feel like that's how all black people see us now. We're all nick kroll to them.

    • what?! you sound ignorant, don't generalize all black people like that, we know that's not how all white people are, it's just a stupid easy money grab movie and nothing to do with black people's perception of white people

    • greenytaddict wow, and it's black people like you that reinforce the stereotype black people are uneducated gang bangers. It was obviously a satirical joke, but apperantly that went over your head. Way to reinforce the stereotype bro.

    • ok, well you know if you aren't talking to a person to their face it is kind of hard to tell if you joking or not, my bad for misunderstanding…you choose what you want to believe, and it shouldn't be based on one person's response to you

  30. Lil rey acting is derivative very VERY similar over the top mannerisms Kevin Hart has. Movie looks to be funny. But please stop trying to copy the same KH template. Its obvious. Lil rey acting was distinct in Get Out so I know he can be his own character.

  31. Shaq was " The Big Man" this whole time dope. Steph curry ya baby! Stop hatim u bustaz june 29 got it locked in. Soft ass net mitches.

  32. From the guy who failed at remaking the cult classic comedy series SPACED and who brought you such forgettable gems as Drumline and Mr 3000 comes what looks like A bad soda commercial but is actually a real movie… UNCLE DREW..

    I give it 6 months before you find this in bargain bins paired up with DVDs of Soul Plane.

  33. Wow this really looks like crap. Why couldn’t they have just cast an elder actor to play Uncle Drew? Michael Jordan would have been cool.

  34. I get an early 2000's basketball movie vibe from this. In all honesty, I don't think it's gonna be any good, but I hope I am wrong. I wonder how many flat earth jokes they are gonna put in this movie too.

  35. The lack of white people in this movie is sickening, typical racists black people at it again. Black washing their movies, excluding poor white folks. White Lives Matters!

  36. This looks really funny, but if your going to do a all black actor comedy today you need to do a white face. Take a white actor and paint his face black. Or whatever, we keep making black and white films.

  37. Uncle Wes was supposed to be in this movie, but two days into shooting, he mysteriously broke his hand at lunch and said he was out 6-8 weeks.

  38. SPOILER ALERT ok its obvious they're running late to the tournament at ruckers park so you see them driving the van all crazy and then they pull up to the tourney just in time before forfeiting. these trailers are showing too much these days man

  39. This is gonna bs that type of movie where every grown up hates but every child loves and when they get older they’re gonna be like “What was that movie where a bunch of old people were playing basketball?”